CORQUES 2 Seaters Sofa

CORQUES 2 Seaters Sofa


Design by Lucie Koldova

The Corques Sofa uses cork as its base material (that comes from production leftovers in Portuguese bottle cork factories).

Cork is known for its distinctive properties of elasticity, durability and low conductivity. On top of this, it is completely natural and biodegradable which makes it a very attractive material to work with. Other benefits are the versatility of this material and the resistance to wear and tear. It is a delight to see cork used in such an application.

Materials: Cork and Fabric

Available in 4 colours: 

Fabric Kvadrat Divina Melange 120 Grey- 180 Black- 531 Red- 621 Lila

L: 190 cm x H: 94 cm x D: 88

Made for you In 8-12 weeks

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