Design by Mark van der Gronden for Lensvelt

The cabinet line Krattenkast (Crates Cabinet) consists of one simple concept: a steel frame holding parti-colored, second-hand crates. Stacked in the steel construction, the crates form drawers. Even though the crates differ in color, height and rib construction, the dimensions of the bottom panels are the same. Due to the random stacking of the crates, a stack of five crates can have the same height as a stack of three.

As the collection of crates is always different and the variety of crates seems endless, the color and assembly of each Krattenkast is unique. The rough, indestructible appearance of the crates combined with the steel frame gives this cabinet an industrial, no-nonsense look.

Crates Cabinet is available in three sizes;

1-column 45 x 60 x 155 cm

2-column 87 x 60 x 134 cm

5-column 213 x 60 x 76 cm

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